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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel


fally0413score:5.0 / 52021-01-28

Yes, sideways is Korea Street. Line 10 subway within walking distance, a little far.
DannyYuanscore:4.0 / 52021-01-28

Korea customer-specified, pretty good
jeangu2006score:5.0 / 52021-01-27

Good point hotels
e00881675score:5.0 / 52021-01-26

The decoration of the hotel is newer, rooms are spacious and facilities good. the hotel often stay Korea people, not many channels, Korean 3-4, there are many eating nearby Korea cuisine restaurants.
e01799645score:4.0 / 52021-01-25

Environment is clean, because it is a Korea guests, hotel Korea people are in the majority, may have a sense of belonging, overall very good
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